How the Facebook Like Options Really Work

Use new products on social. Now and then, lift a tip of the veil on new products still under development. For example, share a photo of a brainstorming session, reveal the name or function of the new product, show how the design of the packaging works. Even if parts of the project need to be secret, you can still find a way to buzz online to create. A simple message counting down to launch, for example! This creates expectations and gets your fans excited. You don’t have to wait with your marketing until after the launch of your product. You can buy real facebook likes and have the best choices there.


Another kind of message that generates a lot of interaction is to share information from behind the scenes. This shows the human side of your company and increases customer confidence. It is also an ideal way to show that the atmosphere is really good with you, which is useful for potential new employees! If you focus on the human aspect, for example, share a photo of a team lunch, introduce new employees, and occasionally spotlight an employee. You can also provide more insight into how your company works by focusing on the business side: which programs and software you use, explain certain processes, photos of the production area.

Ask a Question

If you mainly want to receive a lot of responses, it is a good idea to ask your fans a question. To a question like “what do you like most about our products”, you will probably only get a response from your brand ambassadors, who are already active fans anyway. Make sure your questions are also aimed at less avid fans. For example, if you are developing a product, you can show two versions and ask which versions your fans prefer, or let them suggest improvements such as new colors. How your fans use the product, what challenges (related to your sector) they encounter, when they use your product the most, these are all questions that can be answered by both fanatic and less fanatic fans.


Above we have already described how you can promote your Facebook page with questions that stimulate interaction on your page. Riddles are also a useful way to generate comments and likes. These can be general rebuses, sentences that you have translated into emoji, product-specific facts. You can probably come up with some fun riddles.