Raw Dog Food Diet And Detoxification

If you are a growing dog owner who is switching your dog from a traditional canned food diet to a raw dog diet, then you may have noticed that your dog may have some difficulties adapting to the change. Some of the symptoms include flatulence, some diarrhea, and even bad breath. He can adapt by eliminating toxins in a similar manner as I do when changing his diet. Here are some things to consider to help with the fit.


Your dog can undergo a detoxification process because his system cleanses himself of the old diet he used to. This is completely normal with a major change in diet, although the length of time it takes to detoxify is variable, although it usually does not take more than a few days after switching to your new best dehydrated raw dog food.


Be on the lookout for anything unusual and the symptoms listed above. However, because I’m sure you would as a responsible dog owner anyway, get them checked by a vet if any of the detoxing symptoms persist as they could be a sign of a deeper health problem.


If you think detoxing might be a problem, you can help before switching your dog to a raw dog diet by starting at an early detox point. If you go this route, your dog’s system can cleanse himself of any pre-existing toxins before starting his new, healthy diet, which in turn can help make the transition process smoother with no or fewer toxins, some of the accompanying symptoms that may be annoying. .


Advanced detoxification before changing the raw diet requires little preparation, but not much. Here’s what you can do four days before your planned change. For two days, put him on a fast or liquid diet and stop feeding him his regular diet. For the next few days, give him water and fluids.


It is a matter of personal choice whether or not to follow an advanced detoxification path or to stop and let your dog run through it while switching to his new diet. Consult your veterinarian if you have any questions about detoxification or the suitability of your dog’s new diet.